Princess Tea Party!

My niece had a princess tea party! It was beautiful.

ImageThe chalk board was there at the front to welcome all the guest. Most of the props came from

ImageThey had to go through the curtain to enter the tea party.

ImageLove this paper and hemp banner!

ImageThese fans are a great way to save some money.

ImageThis is where they put all the gifts for the party.

ImagePaper pendants and pearls are perfect for a princess party.

ImageVintage decor to match the party.

ImageAll the little girls got a flower box (dollar tree) with a glitter ring inside.

ImagePerfect for little girls. Pb&j sandwiches, celery, chocolate dipped fruit, and other finger foods. The cake was adorable and perfect. It was purchased from Kolher’s in Lehi for $10!!! It was a total steal!

ImageGlass slipper, crowns, and castle sandwiches.

ImagePink cookie sticks (dollar tree)

ImageChocolate drizzled grapes. So good.

ImageCelery sticks.

ImageLove the sliver and pearls.

ImageThese fans were all along the glass back door and it was so cute.

ImageThe “tea” was water with milo flavor. They could add as much of the magical color as they wanted.

ImageThe whole spread.

ImageIt’s amazing what you can do with a paper box.

ImageThe party bags were perfect. Every princess needs a wand and some glasses.

ImageAll the kids dressed up in there dresses and had to find the glass slipper!

ImageDress ups and a long mirror. Just let the girls play!

ImageThey all got to make there own take home bag. Felt, jewels, and glue.

ImageEvery princess got to take a picture with a cute frame!

Loved this party! Most of what you saw here can be rented at It’s totally worth checking out! Hope you have a great day! href=””>20130729-175113.jpg


Circus Bridal shower

My sister in-law had a adorable party that had a circus theme. Ann Stone, Michelle’s aunt, was the one that set up this wonderful party. I just had to share it. Image

We had a lot of fun. They made a “photo booth” With a banner and fabric. They did it in a hallway and had lots of props to play around with.



It’s not hard to do but so cute.

ImageThey also had a circus tent of all the gifts.

ImageThey had games and you won tickets. This one you had to throw buttons into the mason jars.


The signs had a vintage feel.


They made this bean bag game with one of the couples engagements photos.


They had a “kissing booth” where you had to pin a kiss on the grooms face. Loved it. 


They printed out little lips and you put your name on the back to see who got closest. 

ImageThe sign was the the hallways so you knew where to go. 


These shower had lots of food! It all went with the theme. Corndogs, popcorn, big pickles, cupcakes, and fruit. ImageThe Invites were also the theme. They did a great job. 


ImageThis was the best personal touch of the evening. They had this sign and banner where she sat to open all her gifts. This was a wonderful shower and I love that I have a new sister in-law!

Let me know if you liked it!






Vintage Bridal Shower

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of throwing my new sister in-law to be a Bridal Shower.  It was an awesome opportunity. The best part was seeing the new addition excited for her up coming wedding! So much of the decor was from

You can rent all of this off this website. It’s Utah based company but if you don’t live in Utah you can check if there is local businesses that are similar. Definitely check out beehivevintagerentals.comImageI love the vintage feel of things. This is simple. I rented the cages from and added flowers and candy.ImageImageFelt flowers and twine is what the garland is made of.ImageThe white file box was also rented. It’s cute small piece.ImageThe banner and pictures was an idea I got from Pebbles in my Pocket. They have so many cute ideas in the store so if you get a chance definitely check it out. All of there produces are available online @ front was also decorated. The table you can rent from and the water can. The flowers gave color.ImageMy mom made this for the front door and gave it to her at the end for her house. So cute for a front door of a new home. It’s just an old frame from DI(goodwill), letters, paint, and lace.ImageThe tables came out great! The china was my mother’s (which everyone knows someone that has china). All the containers on the table are from beehivevintagerental. The mason jars that are colored were dyed by my sister to make sure there was color on the table. ImageThe flowers were from CostcoImage and that definitely keeps the cost down.ImageWhat’s a shower without food and lots of it! It was a brunch so we had a hash brown casserole and and green chili and egg casserole. Lots of fruit and mini muffins. Of course we had to have some cupcakes in the end. ImageMy sister made these cupcakes. She got the chocolate heart idea from pinterest. But it worked.ImageImageSimply added ribbon makes it a little more formal. It also added color.ImageIt was so fun putting this all together! I love the kids parties but this was different and so much fun! I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you liked it! Thanks so much for making this party a success!

Valentine’s Day Party

The wonderful thing about February is Valentine’s day! My sister and I got together to put together a Valentines party and I loved the way it turned out! Once again I had to spend the least amount possible.DSCF0775My sister has such amazing stuff! She had the burlap backdrop, the silver containers and the cute white file holder that gave it a cute vintage flare.DSCF0776The cute table was also hers. The awesome part of this is that she rent out all her vintage stuff! You should check it out at

The heart garland was from dollar tree.DSCF0786What is a party without candy? Winco is the best place for holiday candy! They have all this pink,  red, and white candy! Total cost in candy was $5! DSCF0779The message in a bottle items where found at the dollar store! These can be used again and you can choose to put anything you would like in them!DSCF0782These are some Pebbles in my pocket! I absolutely love this store. They have a store in Orem Utah but they also have an online store so no matter where you live you can get it! Here’s the link

Happy Valentine’s day! If you like the set up let me know!