DIY party fans!

I have used fans for decorations in a couple of post so now I’m going to show you how it! My mom had to teach me so here we go!

You will need a hot glue gun, paper of your choice, a ruler, scissors, and a decoration to go on top.

First know what size your paper is. In this case it is 12×12. Cut three equal strips. 4” each.

Cut the paper into three and then fan fold each strip of paper.



Add glue to one end and attach the folded paper ends together.

Glue all sides together until it’s a full circle. Add glue to the middle on the back side to keep it all together.

After the glue is dry you can add on any kind of decorative flower or gem!

There you have it! It takes about 3-5 minutes for one. They are cute and don’t cost much! Enjoy!
Here are some other fans from the past!


The link to those parties are


Pink Monkey party

My awesome friend Amy from was cool enough to let me show off her cute party! It’s a Pink monkey party and it was way to cute to not post! Check it out!Image

The decorated presents are genius! They are cute way to bring dimension and color !



The cupcakes are the cutest! Fabric decorated balls with cute labels. Love it!



The cute hat was for the birthday girl. The banner was is made from scrapbook paper. With all cute paper it really ties everything together. 



Having real bananas on the table is a great never be afraid to have things that you can really use in your display.


And banana splits of course!


p.s. The invites were just as cute and matched the party perfectly.

It was a adorable party and if you think that they party is cute you should see her fashion blog! Check out her website at 

She also has a facebook page!

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