Despicable Me Party

I’m finally getting this party up! My kids love the new Despicable me movie so when I asked my son what kind of party he wanted he yelled “MINION!” The week before the party I hurt my back pretty badly but thanks to family and friend I got it done! Here it goes!


This party was hard because there is not a lot out there for a despicable me party. Our local stores hadn’t gotten the party supply yet so I had to find images on the internet.


I loved the way this dessert table turned out. Paper clouds and streamers for the backdrop was a cheap way give color to the dessert table. Also it pulled the focus to the dessert table.


I’m so glad minions are so easy to make! I made them from foam sheets from the dollar store. The balloons are chevron paper for 39 cents. The eyes I got from a website


Water is easy to have at a party but you’ve got to make it better looking. I made the labels with images from google.


I got these cute chevron print bags from I bought a pack for stickers from partyland and added orange ribbon.


I am so grateful to my neighbor so helping me this day! She made these cupcakes and cookies! The cupcake idea came from pinterest! is where I saw the idea. This party was amazing. I used the candy eyes from the grocery store and it saved a ton of time!



I love these cookies! I bought the sugar cookies and frosting. Just food coloring and an awesome neighbor and you get perfect cookies.


Here again my back was killing me and I couldn’t bake too much. So I had to improvise! I got this 12 inch white cake for $10 and added all the color dots. Easy! The Minion on top is from Mcdonalds!


I love these flags. I got them from a local paper store for 1.50.


I bought the straws which all the kids loved and added color to the table for 3 dollars at The ribbon was left over in my closet.


This is for all those Despicable Me 2 lovers! Purple jello and coolwhip for a crazy minion jello dessert.



The birthday boy loved his party! My sister also helped me a ton with the garage! All the purple splats are from the “jelly shooter” It was a fun way to decorate the garage. Thanks for everyone who helped! It was fun! Happy birthday baby boy!

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Spy Party

I hope everyone is having a great day! Today I just wanted to share my nephew’s party with you. It’s a Spy Party! 

ImageWelcome to the Agency! 

ImageNever think that steamers are bad. They are awesome and can really save your budget.

ImageThe garland is made from dollar store money. String and money!


Center piece. The hats were bought at the second hand store. The boys loved it!

ImageThey got spy glasses and a mustache for there disguise. They did finger prints and had their own finger print on their code name badges.

ImageStamp pads were used to do the finger prints. 

ImageI just gotta say I love my sister and she cracks me up. She was the head of the agency and really got the kids excited. 



They had to complete an obstacle course. The birthday boy got to set it up. He made him feel like it was his big day.

ImageWatch out for the laser beams! The kids got to go through and not touch the beams. 

ImageAll the kids got a “bomb” and they got to pop it and they got a white piece of paper that would have a part of secret code to open the briefcase.



So here is how it works. Before she put the white strip of paper in the balloons she wrote a number in white crayon. After they popped the balloons and had there papers they got to paint over the paper with water color a reveal the number. For them it was magic!

ImageWe lucked out that my dad still had is old beifcase that had a combo lock. 

ImageThe case was full of money and candy with money wrappers. It was a great replacement for a pinata! 

ImageThe last game I thought was awesome and it was prefect for older kids. All of these pictures were taken of things around the house. They had to take the picture and find that object. 

ImageThey all loved this game and some of them were pretty hard. It was great.

ImageA perfect ending to any party is cake! This bomb cake is a round cake with airheads to made the line of the bomb. 

ImageThey used sparklers instead of candles. It was great!

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Pink Monkey party

My awesome friend Amy from was cool enough to let me show off her cute party! It’s a Pink monkey party and it was way to cute to not post! Check it out!Image

The decorated presents are genius! They are cute way to bring dimension and color !



The cupcakes are the cutest! Fabric decorated balls with cute labels. Love it!



The cute hat was for the birthday girl. The banner was is made from scrapbook paper. With all cute paper it really ties everything together. 



Having real bananas on the table is a great never be afraid to have things that you can really use in your display.


And banana splits of course!


p.s. The invites were just as cute and matched the party perfectly.

It was a adorable party and if you think that they party is cute you should see her fashion blog! Check out her website at 

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Circus Bridal shower

My sister in-law had a adorable party that had a circus theme. Ann Stone, Michelle’s aunt, was the one that set up this wonderful party. I just had to share it. Image

We had a lot of fun. They made a “photo booth” With a banner and fabric. They did it in a hallway and had lots of props to play around with.



It’s not hard to do but so cute.

ImageThey also had a circus tent of all the gifts.

ImageThey had games and you won tickets. This one you had to throw buttons into the mason jars.


The signs had a vintage feel.


They made this bean bag game with one of the couples engagements photos.


They had a “kissing booth” where you had to pin a kiss on the grooms face. Loved it. 


They printed out little lips and you put your name on the back to see who got closest. 

ImageThe sign was the the hallways so you knew where to go. 


These shower had lots of food! It all went with the theme. Corndogs, popcorn, big pickles, cupcakes, and fruit. ImageThe Invites were also the theme. They did a great job. 


ImageThis was the best personal touch of the evening. They had this sign and banner where she sat to open all her gifts. This was a wonderful shower and I love that I have a new sister in-law!

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