Before you put away Christmas!!!!

Before you put away your Christmas stuff check out this post! This is a great way to save money. You can do a Frozen party on a budget using some of your Christmas stuff. Also check out the after Christmas sales. Check it out. Frozen party

Frozen Party

I’m so excited to finally share the Frozen Party! It’s been a while since I posted but I hope it will be worth the wait. What little girl is not obsessed with Disney’s Frozen? I love the movie so when my daughter said she wanted that theme for her party I definitely didn’t fight it!


The dessert table was pretty simple. The best part of this I didn’t buy anything but the plastic table cloths! When Christmas was over I kept out some of my Christmas decoration for the party. My mom and sister let me borrow some of their items and we were in business.


All of the hanging snow was from one garland. The vintage candle sticks brought in a old world look that Frozen has. Glitter is always welcome at a little girls birthday party!


I loved the look of these cupcake holders. I got them at Zurchers for 2 dollars.


My mom helped me out and made the snowflake sugar cookies that tasted as good and they look! I pretty sure I had 5 of them.


I am not a cake decorator. I had to figure something out because there are just not cute Frozen cakes to buy right now. Snowflakes are a little easier for me to do so I made the cake blue and threw on some snowflakes and crystal sugar.


I’m a true believer in having snacks at all parties. I had blue candy, snow balls (marshmallows), and snow covered donuts. Most of all the food was gone by the end of the night.


Alright here was the hard party. Making my crappy looking garage look like a magical snow wonderland. I love plastic table cloths, they covered a lot of the bad stuff. The lights were needed since we blocked some lights. And of course we hung a bunch of snowflake ornaments.


The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. I’m glad they really liked it. I think I hung around 40 snowflakes.


More lights more snowflakes


We needed some serving table space. The branch worked perfectly to hang snowflakes and add a winter look. And it was free.


The silver platters are at the dollar store! And the silver ball was a Christmas decoration but on a candle stick.


The table décor was pretty simple. Vintage with some crystal.

We had two parties. One for kids and one for adults.

Kids party~ we had them make there own Olaf, make there own magic snow, we had them find the difference in the picture and that filled an hour! I got the olaf print out and the other awesome printable at..

This lady did an awesome job with this stuff so definitely check it out. Activity Sheets from the Disney film FROZEN, available in theaters November 27th (

To make there own snow

Magic Bottle Tutorial.

I found this on pinterest and put a twist on the title to have it fit the party. But the kids loved it! To read more about this craft check out

For the adult party we ate meatball sandwiches with salad which was a hit and kept cost down and it’s easy. You just put a bag of meatballs and one can of sauce and warm it up in a crockpot. That’s it. Easy. When you’re feeding a lot of people easy is best. I hope you enjoyed this party! let me know what you think!


Princess Tea Party!

My niece had a princess tea party! It was beautiful.

ImageThe chalk board was there at the front to welcome all the guest. Most of the props came from

ImageThey had to go through the curtain to enter the tea party.

ImageLove this paper and hemp banner!

ImageThese fans are a great way to save some money.

ImageThis is where they put all the gifts for the party.

ImagePaper pendants and pearls are perfect for a princess party.

ImageVintage decor to match the party.

ImageAll the little girls got a flower box (dollar tree) with a glitter ring inside.

ImagePerfect for little girls. Pb&j sandwiches, celery, chocolate dipped fruit, and other finger foods. The cake was adorable and perfect. It was purchased from Kolher’s in Lehi for $10!!! It was a total steal!

ImageGlass slipper, crowns, and castle sandwiches.

ImagePink cookie sticks (dollar tree)

ImageChocolate drizzled grapes. So good.

ImageCelery sticks.

ImageLove the sliver and pearls.

ImageThese fans were all along the glass back door and it was so cute.

ImageThe “tea” was water with milo flavor. They could add as much of the magical color as they wanted.

ImageThe whole spread.

ImageIt’s amazing what you can do with a paper box.

ImageThe party bags were perfect. Every princess needs a wand and some glasses.

ImageAll the kids dressed up in there dresses and had to find the glass slipper!

ImageDress ups and a long mirror. Just let the girls play!

ImageThey all got to make there own take home bag. Felt, jewels, and glue.

ImageEvery princess got to take a picture with a cute frame!

Loved this party! Most of what you saw here can be rented at It’s totally worth checking out! Hope you have a great day! href=””>20130729-175113.jpg


Diego party

This party is from our friend at ! It’s adorable.

This party is so cute. Simple and still awesome.

My kids don’t watch Diego but all of their friends do! I think this is a great way to have a theme party without it looking store bought.

I absolutely love this wrapped presents for decorations! I will definitely be doing this at my next party!

I just had to show the cupcakes!
Hope you like it!

Star Wars Party!

Once again my friend from has given opportunity to share another one of her parties! She is so talented! Check it out…



The invites!


I know lots of people who love Star Wars! The is a very cute way of having all the colors and theme of the party!

ImageI love having homemade decorations but you have to have theme plates with all their favorite characters.



The sign is so cute! Plus never hesitate to use the toys from your kids for you party! If you have stuff use it!



All the kids started as Padawans at the beginning of the party.



At the end of party they got their jedi certficates!



Treat bags!



The treats were ”Jedi Juice” “Warrior Water” & “Sith Sticks”



I love the balloon drop above the treat table! These cute boys are having a blast!



And of course they need lightsabers!



The birthday boy got this as a gift from his aunt! It was just too cute not to share!

For all those Star Wars fans this is the way to throw a Star Wars party! Thank you for all those who support me and have been following! You guys are the best! If you like any of the parties let me know and leave a comment! We also are on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, and you can follow via email!

Next week I will be posting a 4th of July party!




Buzz lightyear party!

Disney is a favorite around my house . My nephew had a buzz lightyear party. It was a trip to star command. Where buzz got all his training.

I wish I had more pictures but all the games were training to be a space ranger. They made their own space ranger belts like buzz and got a diploma when they finished.


The cupcakes were so cute! My sister did an awesome job. The cake was amazing also.



Instead of treat bags my sister found toy story shirts at Walmart for 1.50! Add a ribbon and tag and your all set!