Party garland!

My mom is a genius and made this birthday party garland for Shaylie’s Jessie party. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Jessie, she is from Toy Story 2. She is a cowgirl that is friends with woody and bullseye the horse. Image

I took this picture the night of the party. The garland looked great during the day but at night it really looked great


So this is how she did it. She got a normal string of christmas lights and first added the ribbon.


The ribbons were a cowgirl theme and the colors of the party. She also added tulle.


added wooden cut outs from Hobby Lobby and they are about 49 cents each. There was a horse, a boot, and a red star.


Then for a personal touch she added cow frames (dollar frames add the cow spots) with the birthday girls picture. And there you go!


Just as cute as at night!