Outdoor Prom Dinner

Once again I had a prom dinner for my wonderful kids next door. This time there were 8 couples. So 16 kids. Yep that’s a lot of food. So this time I raised the price to 30 dollars a couple. The dinner was outside not only because there were so many kids but it also was the nicest weather day it a long time.


We put together flowers in vases with a ribbon around it. There were ten vases and twenty five miniature glass candles. The more the better. We used my mom’s china and glasses. DSCF1332

We used tulle for a runner. The sunset was perfect and it very romantic for the couples.


They had chocolate fountain for dessert. Marshmallows, cookies, pineapple, strawberries, bananas, and rice crispy treats.



Some times simple is best and that what we went for. It was good because they had lots of food on the table.


First they had wedge salad. The main course was steak wrapped in bacon (walmart),fresh green beans(costco), rolls(costco), and garlic mash potatoes (walmart). They had sparkling cider with dinner.


At night it was beautiful. I wish I had a better picture but it was beautiful. They had a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to do it again for them.


This was the best picture I had of the beautiful backdrop.


They are a great group of kids. Hope they had fun!!




Summer party

This was a dinner I did in the summer. It’s cheap but cute with bright colors perfect for the upcoming summer. It would be great for a youth dinner also.


If you have a real plant as a center piece you can give it as a gift at the end of the dinner.

The cups were 4 for a dollar, plates 4 for a dollar, 2 dollar plant one dollar tub, ribbon I had, and two 1 dollar serving plates. Total of 9 dollars. I loved the colors. They had a lot of cute summer stuff at the dollar store.