Ice cream party

I had the privilege of going to my neighbor’s baby’s first birthday! It was adorable! It was ice cream theme. With her permission I just had to show you what she did!

I loved the vintage flare! She just used a vintage desk as the dessert table

She made this banner with doilies and paper.

These were the best! They are cupcakes inside a ice cream cone! The kids loved them! The red gum ball on the top was my favorite.

She had an ice cream bar and of course cute labels for everything!


The banner on the table had the birthday girls name on it.

I love the treat bags! Paper sacks with an ice cream cone on the front. Love.

Not only was it cute it taste awesome!

You can never go wrong with mason jars and pink straws!
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Bored Box

Well it’s the beginning of summer and after the first day off, my 6 year old began saying she was bored! The first day! So I needed to find out what I was going to for the rest of summer so I wouldn’t explode! My mom is awesome and told me I should go to the dollar store and get some stuff for her to do that would be new.

ImageThis is what I came up with. The bored box.

ImageThis box has everything. Glue sticks, tape, colored paper, fun foam, paint, color pages, books, stencils, stickers, decoration mugs, clay, and lots more. It cost about $30.

ImageThe rule of the bored box is there is only one activity they can do a day. Also you can only say you are bored once. If they say they are bored after an activity from the box they get a chore.

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Summer party

This was a dinner I did in the summer. It’s cheap but cute with bright colors perfect for the upcoming summer. It would be great for a youth dinner also.


If you have a real plant as a center piece you can give it as a gift at the end of the dinner.

The cups were 4 for a dollar, plates 4 for a dollar, 2 dollar plant one dollar tub, ribbon I had, and two 1 dollar serving plates. Total of 9 dollars. I loved the colors. They had a lot of cute summer stuff at the dollar store.

Disney luggage tags!

So with me everything is a party but when we went of the Disney trip in September I knew we would need tags for our stuff. So with the the treat bags that I gave them I also made everyone tags with there name, address, and phone number. They were easy and cheap.ImageEveryone is the group got there own tag. The kids loved it!ImageIt’s all paper and it was laminated by my grandpa. The mickey was from a snack box.ImageHaving the tags made it easy to find our strollers with all the millions of strollers at Disneyland. 

I know I go over board with parties and trips but I love it! Once again I used cut outs from

Party trimmings

I love to use ribbon when decorating. Today I went to Joann’s fabric store and they had some amazing ribbon!




These would be perfect for a Minnie Mouse party or an under the sea little mermaid party! I wish I was doing a party soon so that I could use these! The ribbon with the hanging decorations cost 7 dollars a yard but they always have printable coupons! That’s how you have to work the system. Enjoy!

Disney travel bags

We went to Disneyland in September. 5 kids under 6! So I was concerned about the travel. My sister has 3 little kids and were driving to Disneyland! So I put together a budget to see how I could put together something for these kids. They ended up 10 dollars a bag!ImageFirst off… the Disney store is not always extremely expensive. They have some great deals. One thing that they have is if you pre-order any of there Disney movies from them you get a $20 off your $40 purchase. So don’t always count the Disney store out. I got these bag for 2 dollars a piece. They could use them any time(beach bag, church, school)so totally worth it.ImageThese was a steal! 2 water bottles for $4! Once again the Disney store so definitely check them out. The fairy treat bags are from the dollar store. They have princesses, fairies, and cars. All are Disney brand so that’s awesome.ImageSo here are all the cool things I found. The coloring book (dollar tree), sticker pack 1.50(walmart) disney fruit snacks $2 a 12 pack (walmart), Mickey Mouse chalk board $1 (dollar tree), pencil box 25 cents (walmart), 25 cent color pencils (walmart)ImageThe color pencil box was easy. I got the cut outs from the store in orem.ImageThe suckers, fun dip, and snacks were 2-3 dollars a pack so to break them up it cost cents per bag.ImageMickey mouseImageYou can put any snacks you want in that bags. The water bottles come in 6 different characters. (Rapunzel, toy story, mickey, Minnie, Tinkerbell, cars)ImageThis was one of the cheapest ways to do things. This was a 15 page workbook that were all free printables.

This is the link I found on pinterest for the printables also has a lot of free print craft projects! Each kid had there name on the front with all these awesome color pages. It really saved all of us of the trip to and from the best vacation ever. Pebbles in my Pocket also have an online store where you can buy the cut outs the link is

Party garland!

My mom is a genius and made this birthday party garland for Shaylie’s Jessie party. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Jessie, she is from Toy Story 2. She is a cowgirl that is friends with woody and bullseye the horse. Image

I took this picture the night of the party. The garland looked great during the day but at night it really looked great


So this is how she did it. She got a normal string of christmas lights and first added the ribbon.


The ribbons were a cowgirl theme and the colors of the party. She also added tulle.


added wooden cut outs from Hobby Lobby and they are about 49 cents each. There was a horse, a boot, and a red star.


Then for a personal touch she added cow frames (dollar frames add the cow spots) with the birthday girls picture. And there you go!


Just as cute as at night!