Disney must have!

So I took my kids to Disneyland recently and it was the first time to take a 4 month old baby! I know I’m crazy. I got a lot of compliments on the burp cloths I made him.


My mom had made me lots of these cloth diaper burp cloths before my son before he was born and I love them! They clean up everything and my son spits up a ton! So with everyone asking me where to get them I’ve decided to sell them. If you are interested please contact me @ kellpeaks@hotmail.com!
The price is 3 for $18 plus shipping. More prints will be up soon! Please tell your friends. This would be great for a baby shower! Payments will be received through PayPal.

Bored Box

Well it’s the beginning of summer and after the first day off, my 6 year old began saying she was bored! The first day! So I needed to find out what I was going to for the rest of summer so I wouldn’t explode! My mom is awesome and told me I should go to the dollar store and get some stuff for her to do that would be new.

ImageThis is what I came up with. The bored box.

ImageThis box has everything. Glue sticks, tape, colored paper, fun foam, paint, color pages, books, stencils, stickers, decoration mugs, clay, and lots more. It cost about $30.

ImageThe rule of the bored box is there is only one activity they can do a day. Also you can only say you are bored once. If they say they are bored after an activity from the box they get a chore.

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Awesome backdrop

So I went to a activity for church. This night was a chance to recognize all the girls. The theme was the colors of the rainbow because each color represented a value that these girls stand for. Anyways the leader had made this awesome backdrop and this is what it was. Two different color streamers sown together and hung from a line. Genius! The sewing made the streamers ruffle and all the colors it was beautiful. It added so much to the night. It could be used for so many different things.

So many possibilities rainbow party, my little pony party, under the sea party…… So many!