Buzz lightyear party!

Disney is a favorite around my house . My nephew had a buzz lightyear party. It was a trip to star command. Where buzz got all his training.

I wish I had more pictures but all the games were training to be a space ranger. They made their own space ranger belts like buzz and got a diploma when they finished.


The cupcakes were so cute! My sister did an awesome job. The cake was amazing also.



Instead of treat bags my sister found toy story shirts at Walmart for 1.50! Add a ribbon and tag and your all set!


Tinkerbell party

Before Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell was the favorite. The Tinkerbell party was a fun idea to do. I don’t have all the details of the party in pictures but I did my best. We went with a “Tinkerbell’s forest” kind of look. My great accomplishment was the tree. It was made out of plastic dollar table cloths and streamers. Throughout the tree there were little battery operated blinking Tinkerbell (also found at the dollar store).


We also got green plastic table cloths and green buckets. They had purple flower lays and white flowers (dollar store) with more blinking tinkerbells/tinkerbell’s friends. We kept with the purple and green because those are the traditional Tinkerbell colors


We did use Tinkerbell plates for the cake. To make it more colorful we got basic green and purple balloons. My sister made the cake and we bought the cake topper at walmart.


Tinkerbell was my favorite character so I am guilty of living my dream birthday through my daughter!

Disney Tangled party!

Here is Shaylie’s Tangled party from start to finish! There are a lot of cute ideas out there but there is not a lot out there that you can buy that is Tangled so that was hard. But here we go!DSCF0774 The invites were simple. Just paper and cutting. I got the templet from
I loved how this turned out. I drew the sun symbol from Tangled freehand. I got poster board from dollar tree and added glitter. This time I bought a 100 yard roll of purple plastic and yellow plastic from zurchers for all of the stuff I did. (12.99 a roll) I cut out some flowers for the wall to add a little more decoration and color.
DSCF0823Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes. I decided to go with cupcakes this year instead of a ton of cake. We have big parties and lots of people so cupcakes are the cheapest way. The little yellow cupcakes are from walmart and they are 2 dollars a dozen! The cupcake covers that are flowers were 2.50 for 24 at walmart. The tower for the cupcakes was made from soup cans and cake spacers. DSCF0822

DSCF0829The cake was 20 dollars from Walmart. Shaylie just had to have it!DSCF0824

DSCF0835 Disney is awesome. The blower idea and printable packets are found at There is a ton of free printable stuff for any Disney themed event. Plus it’s free!DSCF0826DSCF0836 The paints I got of the activity later(Rapunzel loves to paint)They were 5 brushes for a dollar and 3 paints for a dollar(dollar tree)DSCF0831DSCF0836 The purple baskets and toys are from dollar tree alsoDSCF0837Now the puzzle was the find of a lifetime! 10 kids came to the party and they got to take home the puzzle for there take home treat. Dollar tree a dollar a piece.DSCF0825The candy was from Winco for a 1.50 a pound. Cute golden braids!DSCF0819

DSCF0818 We lucked out with buying a new entertainment center right before the party so we had a big box that I made into a tower! The yellow plastic for hair was an idea I saw on Tipjunkie.comDSCF0848


DSCF0842 Like I’ve said before we have a lot of people so we have to decorate the garage so it was all that 100 yard purple plastic and we made “floating lanterns” with fishing line and jars wrapped in paper!!!DSCF0834

DSCF0863Last but not least we have the games. I got foam helicopters from dollar tree and cut them to look like pascal! so they had to catch the pascal in the frying pan. They had a blast. The other game was decorating Rapunzel’s braid (girls loved it). They also got to paint and color their packets from
We I hope you liked it! Please leave a comment and let me know how you liked it!!!!

Disney luggage tags!

So with me everything is a party but when we went of the Disney trip in September I knew we would need tags for our stuff. So with the the treat bags that I gave them I also made everyone tags with there name, address, and phone number. They were easy and cheap.ImageEveryone is the group got there own tag. The kids loved it!ImageIt’s all paper and it was laminated by my grandpa. The mickey was from a snack box.ImageHaving the tags made it easy to find our strollers with all the millions of strollers at Disneyland. 

I know I go over board with parties and trips but I love it! Once again I used cut outs from

Disney travel bags

We went to Disneyland in September. 5 kids under 6! So I was concerned about the travel. My sister has 3 little kids and were driving to Disneyland! So I put together a budget to see how I could put together something for these kids. They ended up 10 dollars a bag!ImageFirst off… the Disney store is not always extremely expensive. They have some great deals. One thing that they have is if you pre-order any of there Disney movies from them you get a $20 off your $40 purchase. So don’t always count the Disney store out. I got these bag for 2 dollars a piece. They could use them any time(beach bag, church, school)so totally worth it.ImageThese was a steal! 2 water bottles for $4! Once again the Disney store so definitely check them out. The fairy treat bags are from the dollar store. They have princesses, fairies, and cars. All are Disney brand so that’s awesome.ImageSo here are all the cool things I found. The coloring book (dollar tree), sticker pack 1.50(walmart) disney fruit snacks $2 a 12 pack (walmart), Mickey Mouse chalk board $1 (dollar tree), pencil box 25 cents (walmart), 25 cent color pencils (walmart)ImageThe color pencil box was easy. I got the cut outs from the store in orem.ImageThe suckers, fun dip, and snacks were 2-3 dollars a pack so to break them up it cost cents per bag.ImageMickey mouseImageYou can put any snacks you want in that bags. The water bottles come in 6 different characters. (Rapunzel, toy story, mickey, Minnie, Tinkerbell, cars)ImageThis was one of the cheapest ways to do things. This was a 15 page workbook that were all free printables.

This is the link I found on pinterest for the printables also has a lot of free print craft projects! Each kid had there name on the front with all these awesome color pages. It really saved all of us of the trip to and from the best vacation ever. Pebbles in my Pocket also have an online store where you can buy the cut outs the link is

Disney Cars Party!

My son loves the movie Cars! I thought he was going to explode when we went to Carsland in Disney California Adventure Park. I knew at that point I would have to do a Cars Party.ImageThe fans on top were $3 for 8. The sign was drawn by my awesome neighbor that is talented. The car garland were made from a pack of 20 paper cars from dollar tree. It was a lot of garland for 1 dollar.ImageThe cones I already had. The bubbles were 4 dollars for 12 at Walmart. The hats were so cute but not to easy to put together. They were 10 dollars for 20 of them. ImageWe had straws (water hoses), donuts in a tower for the leaning tower of tires (pinterest), lots of cars candies, and cupcakes that had lighting bolts and red sprinkles.ImageThe cake was radiator springs! The mountains are made from cupcakes and the candle was from Walmart. The checkers are black sugar paper. The cactus are laffy taffy.ImageThis has got to be one of my favorites for sure! My mom made these lables to go on the waters and it was awesome. She did a great job!ImageThe cars cookies were pretty easy. 2.50 for the cookie cutter but more time with the frosting.ImageLittle closer for the cake detail.ImageI made Happy Birthday signs. … just paper. But it’s cute!ImageI got dollar store poster board and made the cactus.ImageOf course it was in the garage! lolImageEasy balloons in the jar with flag( Didn’t have a lot of the tables to save room for all the food)ImageThe sign was at zurchers for 99 cents! Who could pass that up?

Jessie from Toy Story party

If you were wondering there are not a lot of stuff out there for Jessie. But so many little girls love her! So it took a little while to figure it out. The invites were simple and cute. Glitter paper and a picture I found online on the front with a simple saying on the back


So at our house we end up having two parties. One for friends and one for family. I’ve found that if I have the kid party earlier and the adult party later it’s one set up and one take down and it works out pretty well.


I made cupcakes and a small single layer cake for the kids party. long with moo pops (marshmallows and food coloring) and candy ropes.

ImageThe kids all got a pez dispenser at the end of the party as their treat. The cost 69 cents a piece.

ImageThe red barrel drinks were really cheap. A whole pack cost 2.50. The gold glitter stickers were a dollar at dollar tree. The cow blowers were 1.99 at hobby lobby.

ImageNerd ropes fit with the themes and worked great. The cupcakes had the glitter stickers and jessie stickers, the other cupcakes had gold stars. The table cloths was discounted fabric at hobby lobby that i just hemmed.ImageImage

The kids played pin the tail on bullseye and they had the fuzzy color pages at the dollar tree. We also had a quiz about the moviesImageImage

So the cake for the family party has to be bigger. We have a lot of family and we have friends that come so we have to have a lot of cake! So this one was 4 layers. The gold stars are sugar paper. That stuff is cool. and the black is frosting with food coloring. The singing cowgirl on top was found at the disney store(not cheap but not too bad 5.99)Image


Decorating the garage is a must. With all the people we have to more space. The townhome is just not big enough. The red table cloths served as a wall and we hung gold stars. We also had a birthday garland hanging. If you missed it, i have a post on the garland it’s called “birthday garland”.ImageImage

The banner was cowgirl boots with glitter on them. There is a store around the corner from me called Pebbles in my Pocket.  I love that store. They also have an online store! It has lots of cute stuff along with the cut outs. They have tons of paper and any cut outs you can imagine. I just added tulle and letters and that was it. The balloons and hanging stars with the table added some flare. It was a fun party. Hope you like it!