Disney must have!

So I took my kids to Disneyland recently and it was the first time to take a 4 month old baby! I know I’m crazy. I got a lot of compliments on the burp cloths I made him.


My mom had made me lots of these cloth diaper burp cloths before my son before he was born and I love them! They clean up everything and my son spits up a ton! So with everyone asking me where to get them I’ve decided to sell them. If you are interested please contact me @ kellpeaks@hotmail.com!
The price is 3 for $18 plus shipping. More prints will be up soon! Please tell your friends. This would be great for a baby shower! Payments will be received through PayPal.

Surprise trip?!

My husband and I decided to take our kids to Disneyland. We wanted it to be a surprise so i started to look for ideas. I came across this gift box one. When you open it, it pops open to reveal the surprise! I was thrilled. I didn’t have enough time to order one so I decided to make it myself. I personally think the one on etsy is better looking you can check it out here
Anyways, I made this box out of a dollar store gift box. It worked perfectly. Here it is!
The outside

The inside…

We told them Monday and left on Wednesday afternoon. It definitely cut down on the anticipation meltdowns and millions of questions. We had a blast! Hope this helps you all!!