Airplane party

My son loves everything with wheels. So this year we had a Airplane party. Having a new baby at home has made it hard to be creative with the no sleep thing. So I looked up Pinterest to see what others have done with this theme. It was great and it really helped my mind.



My son’s favorite color is orange so we had include anything orange.


We had lots of snacks. Of course you have to have airplane basics like peanuts and pretzels.


We had cake, jello, cookies, and a couple different candies.


The mini chalk boards were from hobby lobby for a dollar.


The plane cookie cutter was from Hobby Lobby also for 1.99.


I went to Pebbles in my Pocket and saw this adorable take home gifts. We recreated them at home with paper we picked out there.


I found this great ideas at


Even more important than looking good they have to taste good.


My sister had this great old suitcase that fit the theme perfectly!


The plane is made from the decorative paper bought at Pebbles in my Pocket.


This was my favorite party of the party! Pebbles in my pocket have kits that you can buy and you just put the planes together and it comes out this awesome garland. I custom picked the paper but they have pre-cut and picked prints. I love that store!

I know I didn’t have original ideas this time and I got a lot of help from pinterest and other stores but I just wanted to show you how these parties are possible. Some parties you see on pinterest or google look like a ton of work and impossible on a budget. I just want to show you that you can!(if you want)