Who ya gonna call Ghostbusters!

My sister strikes again! My niece loves Ghostbusters! So here it is! Of course you have to have slime! So she made green plastic slime to come down the walls.


Simple and great. She did that in the entrance, fireplace, and glass doors.
I loved the cake! I am all about finding ways to make the party run a little smoother. So she decided to buy a cake with slime!


To make it even better but printing out a ghost from the movie to put on top.
I wish I had pictures of the next game but I don’t. My sister found a slimmer costume at the local DI(goodwill) and had her oldest son dress up. All the guest at the party got silly string and they went out and hunted the ghost! They had an absolute blast!
The next game was make your own stay puffed marshmallow man.

The are built with marshmallows and toothpicks. After they were done building them, they could decorate them with color sugar markers. My sons favorite part was making his own slime! make your our slime


They got to take the slime home in the container with eyes.
The gift bags were adorable! They got to put there slime in and they had sucker ghosts. There also was candy and little toys. The cute containers were from zurchers. Just wrap and tie!


The very best part was my nieces face when she got her present!!! Best present ever!!!

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