Valentine’s day treats

I had a friend who would make these marshmallows on a stick for Christmas and they were pretty good! So when I have to make little treats for Valentine’s day I took her marshmallow idea and made it valentine-y.

So this is how you do it! 1. Put the marshmallow on a stick 2. Dip the marshmallow in milk 3. Roll the marshmallow in red sprinkles. That’s it!

Just wrap it up and add ribbon. Looks and tastes great!

Last minute Valentines!

I let my daughter make Valentines for her friends. So I had to think of a cute but very cheap valentines idea. February is the month of my daughters birthday so I try to keep spending down for Valentines day and this is what I came up with.

At the dollar store they have packs of party toys that come in a 4 pack. Four of a dollar… I’m sold.

I then thought of the most cheese saying and put them together.


They get a toy and I only spend a couple dollars for the whole class!
I hope this helps!!!! Happy v-day people!

Valentine’s day

Valentines day is coming up fast. It’s time for parties, candy, and lots of hearts. This is the party we had last year. I loved it!
Valentine’s day party
This is a simple and affordable for gift for a party favor or your kids class.

Later this week I will show a cheap and easy sweet treat for Valentine’s day! Stay tuned!