Are you excited for Thanksgiving!? We are!

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Thanksgiving tips
Pumpkin turkey
Fall table
Pumpkin cake


Five Thanksgiving party tips

My husband’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving so we really try to make it the best! Here are a couple of tips we have do to make Thanksgiving a success!

1. Try to do all the food prep the day before. Jello salad, salad, appetizers, cutting veggies and so on can all be done the day before! Enjoy your company!

2. Keep the table decorations cute but simple! Make sure you have room for all the food!

3. Always have appetizers! When the house starts smelling good everyone starts getting hungry. Our favorites are smokies in a blanket, veggie tray, deviled eggs, guacamole and chips, and my artichoke dip(love that stuff)!

4. Have nice table setting! Not all of us have their grandmothers china so a great way to have china on your table without making you broke is your local second hand store. Not everything has to be matchy matchy! It a great way to dress up your table.

5. If you want something new this Thanksgiving try it BEFORE Thanksgiving day! Don’t try it on the big day! Sometimes things turn out but don’t chance it!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Christmas countdown craft!

Christmas is coming! A couple years ago a group of ladies and I got together and we made this craft. This craft was cute and was very inexpensive. First you get a dollar store cookie sheet for the base and cover it with your choice of paper. Then cut squares out of decorative card stock.

The numbers were bought at the local craft store. Each square was decorated with stickers, buttons, paper, and other nicknacks.

Every day in December my kids get to add another square to the base. They have such a good time doing it and we had a great time making it!

Pumpkin turkey?

My sister last year brought fruit to thanksgiving. I love that she brought it this way! The kids loved it!

So simple but a great way to decorate with food. She make the fruit sticks with strawberries and pineapple. The face is an avocado with eyes and a felt neck. I’m excited for all the amazing food!

Halloween discounts!

I know all of us have halloween hangover but these next couple of days is the best time to get a discount! Online and in store discounts are available now. Target has decor 40-75% off. Just remember with holiday decor the in store discounts are better. Happy shopping and hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!