Halloween front porch

So I have to boost a little about my sister. She has got to be the most thrifty person I know. She goes to garage sales, second hand stores, and finds free stuff and makes it awesome. I show up at her house the other day and this is what I found!

I was so jealous! The amazing thing is it’s all recycled stuff!

He found the table at the local DI (a goodwill place) she made it more distressed. Crates she found at a yard sale. She grew the larger pumpkins. The fence was from my father inlaw, he replaced the fence and was going to throw the old one away!

Cage was from a second hand store and the crow is from the dollar store!

The small pumpkins are front the local market. I love fall!

Branch in the back is from her backyard.

At first glance you’d think this would cost a lot but now you know it’s doable! Hope you like it!

DIY halloween garland

I love halloween but some of the decor is way too expensive! So I but together this garland as cheap as possible. Here ya go!

First you’ll need 1. A dollar store strand of purple lights
2. A couple different colors o ribbon or tulle.

I bought tulle from hobby lobby for 50% off and it cost 1.50 a piece. I could of made at least 3 or 4 garlands will all the tulle.


Cut tulle and tie it on to the lights. That’s all!

I love the way it looks with the lights on!


But it also looks great without lights!
I also added a multicolored ribbon to tie all the colors together. I love doing this project and it really made it so that I can have more Halloween decorations in my home. Enjoy!
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Ice cream party

I had the privilege of going to my neighbor’s baby’s first birthday! It was adorable! It was ice cream theme. With her permission I just had to show you what she did!

I loved the vintage flare! She just used a vintage desk as the dessert table

She made this banner with doilies and paper.

These were the best! They are cupcakes inside a ice cream cone! The kids loved them! The red gum ball on the top was my favorite.

She had an ice cream bar and of course cute labels for everything!


The banner on the table had the birthday girls name on it.

I love the treat bags! Paper sacks with an ice cream cone on the front. Love.

Not only was it cute it taste awesome!

You can never go wrong with mason jars and pink straws!
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DIY fall table

I just wanted to share this great trick. Here it is. All you need is
1. A fall wreath (new or old)
2. A vase or hurricane lamp
All you have to do is put the vase in the center of the wreath!

It is so simple and it two things you probably already have! I love this season!!



DIY Spooky tree

This DIY can save you money on decorations this year. Last Halloween I wanted to save as much money as possible. My sister told me of this tree you can paint and put outside for Halloween. This is how it turned out!


This is what you’ll need for this project.
1. A branch (I got one from the mountains and one from my in-laws house)
2. Spray paint (black or white)
3. A black bird from the dollar store
4. A pot

It’s that easy and that cheap. I painted my tree black but my sister painted hers white. Both spooky. Only thing you do for this craft is paint and place in a pot! That’s it! You can also add spider webs and spiders. Enjoy!