Halloween Dance

We hosted a Halloween dance last year and it was fun! We had zero budget so everything had to be dollar store or borrowed. We had a youth council that got to plan and decorate. They rock. Here is what we can up with.

ImageHelium was not an option last year so we had to improvise. The teens had to walk through all the black low hanging balloons to get into the dance, they had glow in the dark skeletons so they could kinda see where they were going. 

ImageThe whole ceiling glowing orange twine web. This awesome man in our area made this web and when it was dark it was awesome. They hung witches and ghost from it.

ImageI tried to get a good picture of it but it didn’t photograph well.

ImageCaution tape kept the kids where they needed to be. 

ImageDoing things on the cheap is not always easy but (this one wasn’t finished) we wrapped all these branches with purple and orange lights. We had a dozen of these trees. They were also lightly sprayed with white lights so they could glow in the black light.

ImageCreepy cloth from dollar tree and an old candelabra I had were used for the dessert table.


We had a picture place at the entrance so they could enjoy taking pictures with their friends. 



This spider was at the entrance….so easy and cheap. The legs are wrapping paper rolls wrapped in a green streamer. The body is a aluminum baking dish from dollar tree that has black paper mogpog onto it.  Black balloon mogpog for the head. Easy and cheap.

ImageI wish I would have gotten better pictures but it was amazing. We broke records and had 560 teens at this dance! The average amount of people that attend those dances is in between 250-300! Everyone had fun. Those who didn’t want to dance there was a game room with a air hockey table, Foosball table, and ping-pong.   Hope you enjoyed it!








DIY pumpkin cake

It’s that time! I love fall decor. I have some idea that I’m working on right now but this is a cake from last year! Once agian it’s my sister’s amazing talent! The pumpkin cake was made from two bunt cakes put together and the top is a frosting covered ice cream cone. So cute.


Here is a DIY cake. It’s easy! This is what it will take…
1. bundt cake pan
2. Two cake mixes
3. Frosting
4. Ice cream cone
Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think!

Spy Party

I hope everyone is having a great day! Today I just wanted to share my nephew’s party with you. It’s a Spy Party! 

ImageWelcome to the Agency! 

ImageNever think that steamers are bad. They are awesome and can really save your budget.

ImageThe garland is made from dollar store money. String and money!


Center piece. The hats were bought at the second hand store. The boys loved it!

ImageThey got spy glasses and a mustache for there disguise. They did finger prints and had their own finger print on their code name badges.

ImageStamp pads were used to do the finger prints. 

ImageI just gotta say I love my sister and she cracks me up. She was the head of the agency and really got the kids excited. 



They had to complete an obstacle course. The birthday boy got to set it up. He made him feel like it was his big day.

ImageWatch out for the laser beams! The kids got to go through and not touch the beams. 

ImageAll the kids got a “bomb” and they got to pop it and they got a white piece of paper that would have a part of secret code to open the briefcase.



So here is how it works. Before she put the white strip of paper in the balloons she wrote a number in white crayon. After they popped the balloons and had there papers they got to paint over the paper with water color a reveal the number. For them it was magic!

ImageWe lucked out that my dad still had is old beifcase that had a combo lock. 

ImageThe case was full of money and candy with money wrappers. It was a great replacement for a pinata! 

ImageThe last game I thought was awesome and it was prefect for older kids. All of these pictures were taken of things around the house. They had to take the picture and find that object. 

ImageThey all loved this game and some of them were pretty hard. It was great.

ImageA perfect ending to any party is cake! This bomb cake is a round cake with airheads to made the line of the bomb. 

ImageThey used sparklers instead of candles. It was great!

I hope you love this as much as we all did. If you like it please let me know! We are on facebook, instagram, twitter, blog lovin, and pinterest. There are so many ways to follow! 


















DIY treat holder Frankenstein

A couple of years ago my in-laws and I had a craft night. It was in early October and we had two crafts. This was easy for adults and the kids did it also. It would be great for classroom parties or your own party at home.

First take a 8×10 piece of card stock and measure and cut a 4″ strip.

Fold into three sections with a lip on the last section and then fold into a triangle and glue lip to the backside on the paper.

Then cut out the hair design. Then glue hair into place.

Cut out and glue silver paper bolts onto both sides of his face.

Draw a mouth.

Add eyes and you have your finished product! I put a pack of skittles inside for her friends and it fit perfectly. Feel free to add your favorite candy! Enjoy!

Wicked Witches!

Halloween is getting close but this post is from girls camp! The best part of this is that you can use this decor for Halloween too! They did such a good job on this cabin I Had to share.

ImageThe theme for girls camp this year was the Wizard of Oz. I’m planning on doing with with my front door for Halloween!

ImageRe-use shoes and stuff socks.

ImagePurple pendants and diy fans! I have a tutorial on DIY fans. The link DIY Fans

ImageThese name tags were so cute. This would be perfect for a Halloween class party. This worked great for the wizard of oz theme for girls camp.

ImageI have to share this mailbox. They covered cans with cute paper and each can had one of the girls names on it. It was the cutest idea!

Hope you like it!

DIY fish!

For my son’s first birthday we did an ocean themed party. I wanted to show you how they are made.

1. Pick small glass vases from your local dollar store. (Or you can use the ones you have)

2. Glue on eyes. Hot glue is the only thing that works.

3. Stuff with tissue paper!

That’s all! Hope you liked it! If you would like to check out the fish at the party here’s the link
Ocean party