Pirate Party

My friend Katie Finley hosted a party for her two year old son and it was adorable! She had posted pictures on Facebook and I had to share it with all of you! (of course I asked permission)

ImageI love this treasure chest! She borrowed it from a friend and used it to hold the treat bags. The treat bags had pirate swords, eye patches, pirate stickers, pirate face tattoo’s (all from target).

ImageThe super cute treasure map was made by Katie! I’m always amazed and others talents.

ImageThis adorable birthday boy was so happy for his party. The banner was made by his mom.

ImageI think everyone should own a bucket like that. Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney channel) was there at the pirate party.


Most of the decorations were from target. Straws, cupcake stuff, jake, rootbeer, napkins, and plates. A lot from clearance( my favorite)! 

ImageThe pinata was a lot from target. Some times it’s easier to buy then make. The piñata was called “walk the plank piñata” the older boys were blindfolded and had to stay on the plank.

ImageThey had a pirate battle with water balloons. 

ImageSuch a great set up!

ImageLook at these pirates! Arrrrr

ImageNow you know why I had to share it because it was just way to cute to not! They had “Pirate Pizza”. Thanks Katie Finley for letting me share Gabe’s party!










Diego party

This party is from our friend at dreamingincashmere.com ! It’s adorable.

This party is so cute. Simple and still awesome.

My kids don’t watch Diego but all of their friends do! I think this is a great way to have a theme party without it looking store bought.

I absolutely love this wrapped presents for decorations! I will definitely be doing this at my next party!

I just had to show the cupcakes!
Hope you like it!

Bored Box

Well it’s the beginning of summer and after the first day off, my 6 year old began saying she was bored! The first day! So I needed to find out what I was going to for the rest of summer so I wouldn’t explode! My mom is awesome and told me I should go to the dollar store and get some stuff for her to do that would be new.

ImageThis is what I came up with. The bored box.

ImageThis box has everything. Glue sticks, tape, colored paper, fun foam, paint, color pages, books, stencils, stickers, decoration mugs, clay, and lots more. It cost about $30.

ImageThe rule of the bored box is there is only one activity they can do a day. Also you can only say you are bored once. If they say they are bored after an activity from the box they get a chore.

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Fourth of July Party

Every Year we have a 4th of July party for our families and neighbors. We always have a good time! Last year we had 47 people so I had to make it awesome and cute. So here it goes…..



The invites were simple. Paper, ribbon, and a paper decoration tag from pebbles in my pocket.




Dollar tree had these cute lanterns that I loved and I had to use. They are battery operated so you can light them up. The stars are foam from dollar tree. It comes 6 in a pack. Red, white, and blue in one pack.



I hung them with fishing line.

ImageThis year they have a couple different styles of paper lanterns this year. But the key to getting the cute styles is going now!

ImageI bought the cupcakes at Walmart.(5 dollars)

Image$2.50 for mini cupcakes. We had hotdogs, chips and dip, potato salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad, and jello. The squeeze its were 6 for 2.50 at Walmart.

ImageThese glass dishes are at dollar tree! We used them not only for guacamole but mayo, ketchup, mustard, and relish.

ImageRed Shasta soda ($1) and the star ice cube holder made star ice.

ImageMy mom made this jello! Not only was it cute but it is delicious!


So instead of doing treat bags we had candy! I got all this candy from Winco. Winco has barrels of stuff and you buy it by the ounce or pound. For all the candy it was 10 dollars. Starting the end of may they get the red,white, and blue candy.

ImageI got all the glass jars I had and filled them up.Image

The bags I got were from zurchers for 1.50

ImageWe sat some chairs inside and some out. It was really got that day so we figured we had to have sitting inside with the AC. Once again it was dollar store table cloths to the rescue.

ImageAll this was from the dollar store. Mint taffy at all the tables. The star dish and table topper are from dollar tree.

ImageAll the tin buckets were used to take more candy home at the end. 

ImageOutside we had hanging lanterns and lights wrapped in red white and blue garland that made it really sparkle at night. I wish I had a better camera at that time but this is going to have to do.

ImageFor four stands of lights it took four garlands. $4 

ImageMy lame attempt at trying to capture how cool looking it was. The teenagers had me keep it us so they could use it for a date. lol.

ImageAt the end of the night it was 45 minutes of awesome fireworks. Black cat band are pretty awesome but you gotta try a TNT firework called the Mexican Wave. We try to get a variety.

Well there you have it! We had a blast and I hope you can to. The Grand total for food and decorations for 47 people was $101.68!