Star Wars Party!

Once again my friend from has given opportunity to share another one of her parties! She is so talented! Check it out…



The invites!


I know lots of people who love Star Wars! The is a very cute way of having all the colors and theme of the party!

ImageI love having homemade decorations but you have to have theme plates with all their favorite characters.



The sign is so cute! Plus never hesitate to use the toys from your kids for you party! If you have stuff use it!



All the kids started as Padawans at the beginning of the party.



At the end of party they got their jedi certficates!



Treat bags!



The treats were ”Jedi Juice” “Warrior Water” & “Sith Sticks”



I love the balloon drop above the treat table! These cute boys are having a blast!



And of course they need lightsabers!



The birthday boy got this as a gift from his aunt! It was just too cute not to share!

For all those Star Wars fans this is the way to throw a Star Wars party! Thank you for all those who support me and have been following! You guys are the best! If you like any of the parties let me know and leave a comment! We also are on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, and you can follow via email!

Next week I will be posting a 4th of July party!





Pink Monkey party

My awesome friend Amy from was cool enough to let me show off her cute party! It’s a Pink monkey party and it was way to cute to not post! Check it out!Image

The decorated presents are genius! They are cute way to bring dimension and color !



The cupcakes are the cutest! Fabric decorated balls with cute labels. Love it!



The cute hat was for the birthday girl. The banner was is made from scrapbook paper. With all cute paper it really ties everything together. 



Having real bananas on the table is a great never be afraid to have things that you can really use in your display.


And banana splits of course!


p.s. The invites were just as cute and matched the party perfectly.

It was a adorable party and if you think that they party is cute you should see her fashion blog! Check out her website at 

She also has a facebook page!

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Outdoor Prom Dinner

Once again I had a prom dinner for my wonderful kids next door. This time there were 8 couples. So 16 kids. Yep that’s a lot of food. So this time I raised the price to 30 dollars a couple. The dinner was outside not only because there were so many kids but it also was the nicest weather day it a long time.


We put together flowers in vases with a ribbon around it. There were ten vases and twenty five miniature glass candles. The more the better. We used my mom’s china and glasses. DSCF1332

We used tulle for a runner. The sunset was perfect and it very romantic for the couples.


They had chocolate fountain for dessert. Marshmallows, cookies, pineapple, strawberries, bananas, and rice crispy treats.



Some times simple is best and that what we went for. It was good because they had lots of food on the table.


First they had wedge salad. The main course was steak wrapped in bacon (walmart),fresh green beans(costco), rolls(costco), and garlic mash potatoes (walmart). They had sparkling cider with dinner.


At night it was beautiful. I wish I had a better picture but it was beautiful. They had a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to do it again for them.


This was the best picture I had of the beautiful backdrop.


They are a great group of kids. Hope they had fun!!




Circus Bridal shower

My sister in-law had a adorable party that had a circus theme. Ann Stone, Michelle’s aunt, was the one that set up this wonderful party. I just had to share it. Image

We had a lot of fun. They made a “photo booth” With a banner and fabric. They did it in a hallway and had lots of props to play around with.



It’s not hard to do but so cute.

ImageThey also had a circus tent of all the gifts.

ImageThey had games and you won tickets. This one you had to throw buttons into the mason jars.


The signs had a vintage feel.


They made this bean bag game with one of the couples engagements photos.


They had a “kissing booth” where you had to pin a kiss on the grooms face. Loved it. 


They printed out little lips and you put your name on the back to see who got closest. 

ImageThe sign was the the hallways so you knew where to go. 


These shower had lots of food! It all went with the theme. Corndogs, popcorn, big pickles, cupcakes, and fruit. ImageThe Invites were also the theme. They did a great job. 


ImageThis was the best personal touch of the evening. They had this sign and banner where she sat to open all her gifts. This was a wonderful shower and I love that I have a new sister in-law!

Let me know if you liked it!