Wedding Dinner

This is my brother’s wedding dinner. Once again a big thanks to! It really turned out amazing.Image

The mantle was all done by my sister! The frames, candles, and the beautiful book page garland!


The flowers are from costco and all the glass is the small glasses that we already had.

ImageWe had tall glass candle holders and flowers. Loved it.


The vases had lace and a small decorative piece. There were lots of candles. Lots.


It was a beautiful night and I was so happy for the lovely couple.! Love you guys!

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Summer party

This was a dinner I did in the summer. It’s cheap but cute with bright colors perfect for the upcoming summer. It would be great for a youth dinner also.


If you have a real plant as a center piece you can give it as a gift at the end of the dinner.

The cups were 4 for a dollar, plates 4 for a dollar, 2 dollar plant one dollar tub, ribbon I had, and two 1 dollar serving plates. Total of 9 dollars. I loved the colors. They had a lot of cute summer stuff at the dollar store.

Buzz lightyear party!

Disney is a favorite around my house . My nephew had a buzz lightyear party. It was a trip to star command. Where buzz got all his training.

I wish I had more pictures but all the games were training to be a space ranger. They made their own space ranger belts like buzz and got a diploma when they finished.


The cupcakes were so cute! My sister did an awesome job. The cake was amazing also.



Instead of treat bags my sister found toy story shirts at Walmart for 1.50! Add a ribbon and tag and your all set!

Awesome backdrop

So I went to a activity for church. This night was a chance to recognize all the girls. The theme was the colors of the rainbow because each color represented a value that these girls stand for. Anyways the leader had made this awesome backdrop and this is what it was. Two different color streamers sown together and hung from a line. Genius! The sewing made the streamers ruffle and all the colors it was beautiful. It added so much to the night. It could be used for so many different things.

So many possibilities rainbow party, my little pony party, under the sea party…… So many!

Tinkerbell party

Before Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell was the favorite. The Tinkerbell party was a fun idea to do. I don’t have all the details of the party in pictures but I did my best. We went with a “Tinkerbell’s forest” kind of look. My great accomplishment was the tree. It was made out of plastic dollar table cloths and streamers. Throughout the tree there were little battery operated blinking Tinkerbell (also found at the dollar store).


We also got green plastic table cloths and green buckets. They had purple flower lays and white flowers (dollar store) with more blinking tinkerbells/tinkerbell’s friends. We kept with the purple and green because those are the traditional Tinkerbell colors


We did use Tinkerbell plates for the cake. To make it more colorful we got basic green and purple balloons. My sister made the cake and we bought the cake topper at walmart.


Tinkerbell was my favorite character so I am guilty of living my dream birthday through my daughter!

Girls camp part 2!

So our theme last year was faith and we decided to base our activities off that. We thought that it would be a great idea to have the girls decorate and give each group a faith sign with a personal note! They loved doing it and the other groups loved receiving them. The paint I already had and each sign was $1, we made 10 off them.



We also had to figure out a way to motivate them to reach out to others and do the personal scripture study at camp. We called them seeds of faith. The little rainbow seed (skittles) were given ever time they did good deeds. Candy is always good motivation in my book.


One other thing we tried to do was to have a devotional every day. With all of these talks we have something small to remind them if what we talked about. The first night we gave lanterns to all the girls. They were easy cute and looked amazing hanging in the cabin. Here’s what you do. 1. Take a mason jar and cover it in glue 2. Pour on glitter 3. Attach wire. It worked out great. I added the quote “your future is as bright as your faith”. We made them all before camp. Each lantern had a battery operated candle. It was great.



Hope you liked it!

Girls camp!

Girls camps are almost here! I love girls camp! Before we left we talked about decorating the cabins to make the experience even better but the budget was pretty limited. We had to buy snacks, treats, breakfast for 4 days, and drinks so the decorations had to be cheap. So this is how it turned out. We were trying to stick with this “seed of faith” Theme and so we did the paper flowers and faith quote with lots of color. The over all camp theme was “Incredigirls” So also trying to tie the ward theme of faith and the super hero aspect we decided to do FLOWER POWER.(chessy I know but it totally worked)



Tissue paper from the dollar store for the tissue flowers, paper signs, and a roll of streamers. Easy and cheap. We also but a flower out front with a sign that said what out faith grow(picture below) and the flower grew every day of camp.


We had two cabins. One for food and one for sleeping.




A little bit of decoration made our girls really feel special. More girls camp ideas to come!