Strawberry Shortcake Party

My niece loves strawberry Shortcake so my sister put together a strawberry shortcake birthday party. My favorite part of the party was the cake!ImageShe made strawberry out of laffy taffy! The dolls are plastic and can  be played with after!ImageThe sign on top was simple but looked great. Everything looks better with glitter. Gumballs around the bottom gave a great look. ImageThese hats were too cute to pass up. They were 5 dollars for 10.ImageThe lace table cloth was so cute!ImageStrawberry balloons can not be found! My sister had to buy them from amazon. But it was totally worth it. ImageI found these coasters in the dollar bin at target. I brought them over to my sister and she made a garland out of them. The coasters were 10 for a dollar.ImageYou can never go wrong with tissue balls. They are the best for a low budget party!ImageThe treat bags were adorable and all from the dollar store. The green tubs were from dollar tree. We also got strawberry shortcake soap, coloring book, a body scrubber, and candy.ImageThe kids loved to get a wrapped treat bag.

ssc10ssc11They played a game were they had to find the strawberry and it sent them to the next strawberry. It was a lot of fun for them. ImageThey also played a “Berry Smash” game. They had to go around smashing all the balloon(berries)ImageWith a girl party. They love crafts so having a craft project during the party is a must. They had pipe cleaners that they put beads on and made a flower. In all it was a flower bracelet. Image

ssc15At the door there was a strawberry to welcome the. Made out of felt!

Well there you have it! If you liked it let me know! I would love to hear from you!

Disney Cars Party!

My son loves the movie Cars! I thought he was going to explode when we went to Carsland in Disney California Adventure Park. I knew at that point I would have to do a Cars Party.ImageThe fans on top were $3 for 8. The sign was drawn by my awesome neighbor that is talented. The car garland were made from a pack of 20 paper cars from dollar tree. It was a lot of garland for 1 dollar.ImageThe cones I already had. The bubbles were 4 dollars for 12 at Walmart. The hats were so cute but not to easy to put together. They were 10 dollars for 20 of them. ImageWe had straws (water hoses), donuts in a tower for the leaning tower of tires (pinterest), lots of cars candies, and cupcakes that had lighting bolts and red sprinkles.ImageThe cake was radiator springs! The mountains are made from cupcakes and the candle was from Walmart. The checkers are black sugar paper. The cactus are laffy taffy.ImageThis has got to be one of my favorites for sure! My mom made these lables to go on the waters and it was awesome. She did a great job!ImageThe cars cookies were pretty easy. 2.50 for the cookie cutter but more time with the frosting.ImageLittle closer for the cake detail.ImageI made Happy Birthday signs. … just paper. But it’s cute!ImageI got dollar store poster board and made the cactus.ImageOf course it was in the garage! lolImageEasy balloons in the jar with flag( Didn’t have a lot of the tables to save room for all the food)ImageThe sign was at zurchers for 99 cents! Who could pass that up?

Mario Party!

I’ve said before that my sister is super talented and I’m going to say it again, she is talented. The cake was awesome. Everyone but the little guys in the carts are made from food. ImageThe banana, mushroom, and plant thing(sorry I don’t know what it’s called) are all made from laffy taffy! The dirt is from cookies and brown sugar.Image

Green frosting. GumballsImageAmazing right?! Well it doesn’t stop there.ImageThe mushroom sticks are just foam with felt paper on them. But they are cute and go with the theme. ImageEvery kid wants balloons at their party so there you go. ImageThe banner was so cute. As long as you have a little time you can make this! It’s just paper, mario cut outs, and string!ImageTreat table! My sister made those hats. She bought the foam hat from hobby lobby and then bought foam paper and got a hat. Blow up winners cup for the winner of the race later. Yoshi eggs, and toy treats. ImageThe yoshi game was fun. It’s dollar store cups with fruit drawn on.

ImageThey had the party blowers and they would have to knock the cups off the table with the blower(which was a yoshi tong. ImageThey got to split into pairs and decorate there own mario cart. My sister and I both have kids in diapers so it wasn’t had to gather diaper boxes.lolImageThese Yoshi eggs were for the game where you balance the egg on a spoon.ImageMario treat bags!ImageBelieve it or not but the sign on the front was from a fruit snack box! But it worked out perfectly lol!ImageThe treat bags had mario pez dispensers, mario smarties, a flag notebook, silly string, and of course gold coins.


Well there you have it! Hope you liked it!

Ocean Party

This party I did for my son’s 1st birthday. I love the ocean and so I wanted to have the ocean as the theme (plus it’s before he could decide). Image

Birthday banners are easy if you have a cricket machine which my mom has so that’s prefect! I love the colors but it wasn’t the easiest finding stuff in those colors.

ImageThe banner is just the cost of paper and some dollar curling ribbon.ImageThese turned out really cute. It’s just once again colored paper so easy and inexpensive. The colored bins are at dollar tree and matched perfectly (i got lucky)

ImageThese were the take home treats. At a store around the corner from me they have stuff cute stuff. It’s call pebbles in my pocket. They have a website and you can buy stuff online They had all the whale cut outs and the plastic tubes. The tubes were 25 cents each and the cut outs were 10 cents each.ImageThe jello cups with the Swedish fish was an idea I saw on pinterest! People are so crafty! This idea actually worked and it was an awesome treat for the little guest.ImageOnce again a pinterest idea. It was on a website that had 100 cute and easy cake ideas!ImageI decided that my birthday boy should have a smash cake of his own so that he could just have fun with it. It was easy and he made a mess! But I think it was worth it. ImagePinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! I wish I had a better picture of these. I saw the idea on pinterest and the website was They were cute turtle cupcakes the only problem was they were harder to make than I originally anticipated. Oh wellImageI wanted to do more in the hallway but the budget was small so balloons had to do. I also had jellyfish. ImageThe Jellyfish was the biggest bang for the buck. You can buy the plastic bowls at the dollar tree for 4 for a dollar. The eyes come 40 in a bag($1) and the curling ribbon was 1.99 for a ton of it at hobby lobby.Image

I decorated the island because I had to have another table for all the food. So with this I took dollar vases stuffed them with tissue paper and added eyes…… and you get fish! I got to use them in my son’s room for decoration after the party.

ImageI thought it was great for my son’s 1st birthday and I hope you liked it too!

Jessie from Toy Story party

If you were wondering there are not a lot of stuff out there for Jessie. But so many little girls love her! So it took a little while to figure it out. The invites were simple and cute. Glitter paper and a picture I found online on the front with a simple saying on the back


So at our house we end up having two parties. One for friends and one for family. I’ve found that if I have the kid party earlier and the adult party later it’s one set up and one take down and it works out pretty well.


I made cupcakes and a small single layer cake for the kids party. long with moo pops (marshmallows and food coloring) and candy ropes.

ImageThe kids all got a pez dispenser at the end of the party as their treat. The cost 69 cents a piece.

ImageThe red barrel drinks were really cheap. A whole pack cost 2.50. The gold glitter stickers were a dollar at dollar tree. The cow blowers were 1.99 at hobby lobby.

ImageNerd ropes fit with the themes and worked great. The cupcakes had the glitter stickers and jessie stickers, the other cupcakes had gold stars. The table cloths was discounted fabric at hobby lobby that i just hemmed.ImageImage

The kids played pin the tail on bullseye and they had the fuzzy color pages at the dollar tree. We also had a quiz about the moviesImageImage

So the cake for the family party has to be bigger. We have a lot of family and we have friends that come so we have to have a lot of cake! So this one was 4 layers. The gold stars are sugar paper. That stuff is cool. and the black is frosting with food coloring. The singing cowgirl on top was found at the disney store(not cheap but not too bad 5.99)Image


Decorating the garage is a must. With all the people we have to more space. The townhome is just not big enough. The red table cloths served as a wall and we hung gold stars. We also had a birthday garland hanging. If you missed it, i have a post on the garland it’s called “birthday garland”.ImageImage

The banner was cowgirl boots with glitter on them. There is a store around the corner from me called Pebbles in my Pocket.  I love that store. They also have an online store! It has lots of cute stuff along with the cut outs. They have tons of paper and any cut outs you can imagine. I just added tulle and letters and that was it. The balloons and hanging stars with the table added some flare. It was a fun party. Hope you like it!

Party garland!

My mom is a genius and made this birthday party garland for Shaylie’s Jessie party. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Jessie, she is from Toy Story 2. She is a cowgirl that is friends with woody and bullseye the horse. Image

I took this picture the night of the party. The garland looked great during the day but at night it really looked great


So this is how she did it. She got a normal string of christmas lights and first added the ribbon.


The ribbons were a cowgirl theme and the colors of the party. She also added tulle.


added wooden cut outs from Hobby Lobby and they are about 49 cents each. There was a horse, a boot, and a red star.


Then for a personal touch she added cow frames (dollar frames add the cow spots) with the birthday girls picture. And there you go!


Just as cute as at night!

Football party!

Here we go football fans! It’s that time of year and we love to have a party so here is an idea for the games coming up! So at my house we are bay area faithfuls but you can do this with any team you want. My mom went online and printed out all the 49er stuff that is displayed.ImageThis is simple! A basket with a napkin in it will throw more theme on the table.



Football scrap paper is not hard to find. just wrap it around a cup to show more support for your team.



Football hats for the kids with a team sticker on it! The kids loved it.

ImageAnd of course what is a party without food. When you save money decorating you can spend more on food! Along with the cheese ball we had wings, hot dogs, egg rolls, chips and dip, and pigs in a blanket! That is why I love football…….THE FOOD!